The fight

As I wondered around my neighborhood; holding a gun and a knife, I found myself fearless as I heard the distant gun fires.

I am looking forward to see one of these scumbags that terrorized our town. God was listening to me; and the gun shots sound kept getting closer. I loaded the gun, and held tight to it. I can see them now, and I can see the machine gun they are firing.

Ok; that is enough story. No matter how you try to picture yourself in a fight; it is never the same as the real deal… Reactions are the governor.

The first night at the community watch, I had a gun, but I froze when the scumbags fired on us. The second night; I left the gun at home and held an iron bar. That night we caught 2 bastards with guns and delivered them to the army patrol.

I believe that the more you arm yourself; the more likely you grow fear when it comes to the real fight. But with less arm, you grow resourcefulness.

God; please give me the power to change what I can, the courage to accept what I can’t change, and the wisdom to know the difference between them.

New Egypt, is a free one


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