The Function

Once a wise boss told me that working in a firm is similar to being an organ in a body. You can be the muscles, the brain, the eyes or even the whole face.

Lately I understood what he meant but I am sad for what I have discovered.  I started my new job 5 years ago after being the brain in another one and I hope to continue as a brain. Don’t get me wrong, I can be the muscles, or any other organ; but there are some certain organs I really do not want to be.

The job started by other organs telling me: “Could you please process this?”, or “Tell me what you think about that?” and I was living up to my expectations. Now other organs tell me “ Hey, we need to get this out fast?”, or “This job doesn’t smell right, could you handle it?” Well, only one organ comes to mind when I try to process this new function – an asshole.

Really, is that what it’s come to? How could you start as a brain and end up as an asshole? As you do, I began to process this new status and only two conclusions came to my mind: either my firm is standing upside down, or my new function is a plain old brain fart.

I decided I had to make peace with my new function, but the main problem is that the firm’s clients tend to abuse it, they somehow believe that the function of an asshole is getting fucked. Every time I try to get some of the shit out they just fuck it in for all the wrong reasons.

New year’s resolution: “Must stop thinking you are an asshole and enjoy the fuck.”


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