New Born

New clients are always the perfect clients. We meet them in celebration; like a new baby… But; they need the same attention and care.

New clients need feeding in short time intervals; you need to give them the immunity and bond with them exactly like a baby do with a mothers bosom. Keep them close and well fed.

New clients will usually keep you awake at night. Their cries will always be sharp and uncertain. You need to hurry to them when they cry for you and sooth them.

Every cry has a meaning, at first you will not understand what they need; they will not make any sense… But you will understand by time the meaning of each one. There is one for discomfort (mostly from their upper management’s shit), another will be for the creative feeding they need from you, and last but not least the one when they just need attention.

New clients grow up fast, and the clothes you prepared will not fit them for long. Keep shopping (for new ideas and skills).

There is nothing better than natural materials. If you cannot provide it; then use ointments that protects against irritations and rashes; (like MORE OPTIONS) keep it close and handy.

Give them all the attention they need, but they have to know that not everything they want; they easily get.

My new clients; are my best clients. I can watch them grow up and hope they will be grateful like a good child.


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