The fight

As I wondered around my neighborhood; holding a gun and a knife, I found myself fearless as I heard the distant gun fires. I am looking forward to see one of these scumbags that terrorized our town. God was listening to me; and the gun shots sound kept getting closer. I loaded the gun, and […]

The Function

Once a wise boss told me that working in a firm is similar to being an organ in a body. You can be the muscles, the brain, the eyes or even the whole face. Lately I understood what he meant but I am sad for what I have discovered.  I started my new job 5 years ago […]

New Born

New clients are always the perfect clients. We meet them in celebration; like a new baby… But; they need the same attention and care. New clients need feeding in short time intervals; you need to give them the immunity and bond with them exactly like a baby do with a mothers bosom. Keep them close […]